First US Marine Recruiter

The very first Marine Corps Recruiter was Robert and Peggy Mullan during 1775.  Robert Mullan was the proprietor of Tun Tavern.  This was a very popular bar.  It was frequented by people like George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Benjamin Franklin.

MOS8411 USMC Recruiter

Continental Congress saw fit to raise two battalions of Marines.  The search was on for recruits.  Tun Tavern was a natural selection.  With the promise of a cold beer and adventure, many citizens signed up.  As a result they were placed under the charge of Captain Samuel Nicholas.  The first Commandant of the Marine Corps.

Marine Corps Recruiter

Being a Recruiter in the Marine Corps can be difficult.  It takes long hours, a lot of paperwork, and patience to deal with the people that walk through their door.  In addition the Marine Corps Recruiter is the first one to vet a prospective Recruit.  To become an 8411 you must reenlist in the Marine Corps.  This is one of our Core Values, Commitment.  You would be  an ambassador of the Marine Corps.  Showing the wayward few that there is something better than themselves over the horizon…  Our beloved Marine Corps!

A Recruiter talks to a young poolee USMC Sweatshirts Marine Corps Hats

A Sergeant talks to a young poolee

As the Corps ambassador you must reflect a proper image.  This is usually a civilian’s first real contact with a US Marine.  The professionalism and conduct of this Marine must be above reproach. A 8411 must understand they are an image of the Corps to the civilian world.  Furthermore, you hold the Core Values of Courage, Honor, and Commitment close to your heart.

Becoming a Recruiter

Recruiting School at MCRD, San Diego USMC Sweatshirts Marine Corps Hats

Recruiting School at MCRD, San Diego

To become a 8411 you must have good physical/mental health, no financial burdens, no family hardships, a good military record, and communication skills.  This is very important.  The 8411 MOS can become very stressful as Marines are required to work long hours.  They work in a civilian environment outside the Fleet.  However to add to the long hours Marines must “make” time to PT.  In order to stay in Marine Corps height/weight standards.  They must at all times maintain the image of the US Marine.  To show applicants and poolees by example.

Importance of the US Marine Recruiter 

The US Marine Corps Recruiter is the gatekeeper to our fighting organization.    When Recruits hit the double doors at Parris Island or MCRD they belong to the Drill Instructor.  It is the Hard-Charger’s job to make sure the Drill Instructor has quality Recruits to mold  into Marines.  In addition, without Marine 8411’s there would be no initial vetting process.  Thanks to the men and women that act as the overseers to our fighting organization.  As a result of their efforts the Marine Corps continues to pump out only the best!

Devil Dog Shirts takes special honor in recognizing the importance of the 8411 as the initial filter toward “Quality” individuals in our Corps!  Furthermore, without them, just any dirt-bag could join our Corps.  Thanks to them our Corps continues to be the best!  Semper Fidelis!