Frequently Asked Questions

Following the suggested manufacturer’s washing instructions is best. To extend the life of our apparel we always recommend washing your Devil Dog Shirts in cold water, air dry and wash each garment inside out on a gentle wash cycle. Some items are very delicate and dry cleaning is recommended. Always refer to all wash instructions on each garment prior to washing. can be reached at the following address or email:

6312 SW Capitol Hwy Box 209
Portland, OR 97239

These are the Marine designs that are seen as fast as possible on our website so our customers can get them early and get on the list right away! They are not in stock yet but will be arriving soon and we will fire them out the door the minute they arrive. You can order early and get them sometimes pre-order special pricing or just be the first person on the block with the newest DDS design.

We strive to keep our more outstanding Marine designs in stock, yet on occasion, we go Winchester with no saved rounds

In an effort to illuminate the terrain in which we find ourselves deployed, you will be notified by e-mail.

If have to back order an item that is part of a larger order, we will ship right away the items that are in stock and then send the back ordered as soon as they arrive back in stock.  We will make every effort to ship your order within 24-48 hours of receipt for non-apparel items. Apparel items are custom  During the holidays, our order processing time often will increase due to production and printing demands and US Postal Service backups and overload but we will ship as quickly as possible allowing your order to shipped in approximately 10-12 business days. This is an approximate number and not guaranteed.

Pre-ordered and low stock coins will be shipping in approximately 2-3 weeks from the time of our production order. If we have them in stock, we ship as quickly as possible.

If you have questions about your tracking number. Enter it in the tracking search bar located at

When inquiring about an order status please email us at with your order number which will help us to locate your order and reply faster.

Orders within the United States are shipped by the US Postal Service or UPS. Your order will usually ship within 24 hours from receipt by us. Tracking information will be provided.

Ideally, it is best to reach us by email. We are busy helping all our customers which is why email is best. When emailing us please reference your order number and allow roughly 24 hours for a reply.

You can also email us at

As we like to say we are unique as America.  Our military Marine art is designed by military veterans of the United States Marine Corps. Art seen on our webpage and under the name of Devildogshirts.Com may not be used in part or whole or sold without express written permission by Devildogshirts.Com

Pentagon-level security. So much so that we never receive the actual card information when the order is placed. The website does not keep your information in a file and we do not have access to it which means no one does either. We receive confirmation from our merchant that funds have been sent and your purchase has been made. We always strive to make your shopping experience as secure as possible. We use secure socket layer [SSL] protocol, the industry standard for ensuring the security of your electronic commerce transactions. SSL uses 128-bit encryption for all personal information in transit over the Internet, including your credit card number, name, and address. This technology is designed to protect your information. We value you as our customer and it is important that you feel welcome and secure with your information.

Because all our apparel products are custom made at the time of ordering we cannot accept returns or exchanges. Material flaws or incorrect printing such as an incorrect name or typo will receive a replacement. No other returns are accepted.

If a dispute or chargeback is initiated we can and will place you in collections for the cost of the item including all associated collections fees plus administrative costs of $50.00.