Custom USMC Wooden Swords

Custom USMC Wooden Swords! Made in the USA! Rome granted freedom to its Gladiators upon winning numerous victories in the Coliseums of their Empire. That gladiator would receive a wooden sword called the Rudis. One of the many wooden swords offered exclusively by Devildogshirts.Com to US Marines. The Rudis can be customized with your unit, rank, MOS, anniversary or other important information. The Rudis is the pinnacle of surviving the hardest challenges and symbolic of freedom which lies at the heart of every American.

Additional Custom USMC Wooden Swords offered cover numerous interests from faith and biblical swords like our Ephesians Swords, Scout Oath Swords, Patriot Swords, Kirin Japanese Swords, God Bless America Swords, Family Swords, Dragon Katana Swords, Don’t Tread On Me Swords just to name a few. Remarkable hand made USA crafted wooden swords for US Marines.

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