Custom Design Rules of Engagement

Our Custom Design Process

Deposit of $100.00 is made

  – You will be provided information to make deposit.

 Q – What is the deposit and what is it for and is it refundable?

  A – The deposit is the start of a wonderful working relationship with and signals strong interest with    our customers that they want the very best military designs and            are serious about getting it. The deposit is not refundable and is applied to the balance and reduces the final total when payment is due.

DDS Draft 1 Stage 

      – Please allow approximately 5-business days following the date of deposit received.

          Q – What is the Devil Dog Shirts Draft 1 Stage?

          A – takes the information it has been provided by its customers either by email or at their quote form found at Custom Unit Design and develops the rough draft                     for their customer’s review. The artwork created at this stage of development is a rough draft and does not have the detail nor color that the final artwork will have when that                            design stage is reached.

DDS Proof 1 

  – Customer is provided the rough draft.

  – Please review all details of the rough draft.

  – Please send 1 list of all changes and updates you would like done to your design.

  – Additional change requests AFTER updated sketch approval has been given may incur additional art fees.

  – Please provide your list of changes within 5 business days from receipt of your rough draft. If change request or no   response to rough draft occurs within 5 business days then rough             draft is deemed approved and the deposit is kept and applied to your order.

DDS Proof 2 

  – Customer is provided updated sketch (rough draft) based on their list of design changes.

  – Please review all details of your sketch and make sure all requested changes have been made.

  – Additional design change requests made at this design stage may incur additional art fees.

  – Customers will have additional opportunities to update their design in later design stages after payment (balance) has        been received.

  – Please provide your approval on your updated sketch.

  – If I want more changes to my design can I still get them?

  – Yes. After Stage 5, DDS Payment Balance, there are additional opportunities to have changes updated to your design.

DDS Payment Balance 

  – Final payment is requested. This total will be the remaining balance owed minus the deposit (100.00) already received.

  – Arrange payment based on your order with the quantities of items requested. Final payment is determined based on your quantities.

  – If quantities remain the same as your original request there is no price change.

  – If your requested quantities increase you may qualify for lower bulk pricing.

  – If your updated quantities have been reduced pricing will reflect an increase per piece.

DDS Final Proof 1 

  – The rough draft is developed into a fully detailed and advanced illustration.

  – Please allow up to 10-business days for the completion of your design.

  – Please review all details of your military design.

  – Please send 1 list of minor changes you would like updated to your design.

  – Significant change requests beyond previous change requests will incur additional art charges at a rate of 50.00 per hour. 

  – Significant art change requests will also lengthen the time to complete the final design.

DDS Final Proof 2 

  – Your updated final design is provided with all requested changes.

  – Please review all details of your design. You are responsible for all details of your design and when approved we will print exactly what has been approved by you. Any errors associated          with approved artwork are reprinted at our customers expense.

NOTE: ALL ARTWORK – Artwork developed or completed by is owned exclusively by . Creation of requested artwork by for its customers does not imply or transfer artwork rights to its customer.  Reproduction of artwork in part or whole is reserved and may not be reproduced without written permission of

Cancellations – Cancellations requested after final art has been sent to customer will be charged for all associated artwork created to date and will be charged to customer.  Merchandise returns will be charged to customer in the amount of 20% of the gross amount of merchandise (restocking fee) plus associated shipping to return said merchandise to factory if merchandise is ordered prior to customer cancellation of order.

NOTE: All cancellations are subject to a $50.00 administration cancellation fee. This amount will be deducted from any balance prior to returns of refund. 


Your order and the requested items and quantities is sent to production for printing. Please allow between 7-12 business days approximately for production of your order. We cannot guarantee any delivery times when USPS is used as a method of carrier or when shipping to an APO/FPO address.