IYAOYAS Warheads On Foreheads Marine Corps Coin

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When a cool challenge coins arrives in the industry it goes off like an explosion and no better time than to let one off the chain than a IYAOYAS Warheads On Foreheads Marine Corps Coin. Designed by US Marine Veterans this exciting Marine Corps challenge coin features the original challenge coin art seen only at Devil Dog Shirts. Taking pride in original art and design these challenge coins are among the finest in both design and craftsmanship in the industry. Each of these IYAOYAS Warheads On Foreheads Marine Corps Coins are limited edition challenge coins that displays the grim reaper, a few heavy explosive bombs and set with an antique dual plated finish and then spotlighted with red to honor the red shirts of the US military. The famous words Warheads On Foreheads is prominently displayed. The red shirts and their ever famous military term IYAOYAS (If You Ain’t Ordnance You Ain’t S#it) rings with focus in an outstanding look of grittiness and deadliness.

As a military design firm for over a decade DDS has been producing some of the most original Marine Corps challenge coins in the industry. We have produced USMC coins for MOSs, custom engraved USMC Challenge Coins for US Military veterans, USMC rank challenge coins and more. The IYAOYAS Warheads On Foreheads Marine Corps Coin is one example of the quality of design and production that DDS offers its customers.

As a licensee of the United States Marine Corps trademark and licensing department a percentage of every sale is sent to their offices in support of the USMC MWR (Morale, Welfare And Recreational) activities. We are proud to support the USMC and their offices that help with fundraising efforts.

As a designer of challenge coins we also offer custom challenge coin design and production services for USMC commands and units. Contact us at for more information.


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