Warrior Reunion Foundation

The Warrior Reunion Foundation is a forum for service members of ALL branches of the military to Reunite, Remember, and Recover.   Veterans of the past did not have access to the networking power that social media offers today.  The Warrior Reunion Foundations stands as an intermediary in coordinating reunion efforts and bringing veterans together.

Warrior Reunion Foundation Devil Dog Apparel Marine Clothing   Anthony Mc Daniel Jr, Clayton Coates, and Ryan Yeaton at the Warrior Reunion Foundation Devil Dog Apparel Marine Clothing

When an unit deploys to combat they face danger together.  Patriotism and love of country are quickly forgotten.  The only thing that matters out there is your brothers to the left and right of you.  Bonds forged in the fire of battle are bonds that transcend all.  A warrior will never forget their fellow warriors that fought along their side.  Every battlefield differs.  No two experiences are the same.  The only ones that can personally understand what you have been through is your fellow warriors.  The ones that had your six when the bullets were flying downrange.  Warriors that would sacrifice their life for yours.

   British and American Crosses of Kajaki Devil Dog Apparel Marine Clothing     Combat Deployment Kajaki, India Battery Devil Dog Apparel Marine Clothing

Warrior Reunion Foundation provides the means for warriors to reconnect.  Through fellowship it is possible to promote healing and post-traumatic growth.

Their Mission

“The Warrior Reunion Foundation  connects our nation’s warriors with the one resource that can get them through anything: each other. We deliver unparalleled, all-inclusive reunion experiences to units deployed to a combat theater, giving veterans the opportunity to reunite, remember and recover together.”  -WRF

Their Work

The work of the Warrior Reunion Foundation is gauged by the Warriors they bring together.  Even though Warrior Reunion Foundation is new to the non-profit community for vets, it has surpassed all expectations.  This is in-part to the amount of donations WRF has received by service members that have used the program before.   Below are some examples.

India 3/12 “Kajaki Knights” Reunion 

The Marines of India Battery deployed to the Kajaki Sufla region of Afghanistan to protect the Kajaki Dam from Taliban Insurgents.  In 2010 “I” 3/12 (1/11) and 3/7 relieved the 40th British Royal Marine Commandos at Musa Qula, Sangin, and Kajaki.  India Battery (or Kajaki Knights) lost 5 Marines and a K-9 during operations in the region.  The Marines of India would get a chance to meet again, five years later.  Thanks to the Warrior Reunion Foundation and the Semper Fi Fund.


Kilo 3/24 Reunion