MOS (Military Occupational Specialty) 0317 is a designation for Scout Snipers in the United States Marine Corps (USMC). Scout Snipers are highly trained marksmen who are responsible for providing reconnaissance and precision fire support to infantry units. We honor our Scout Sniper with these Scout Sniper 0317 Marine Corps MOS Challenge Coins.

They are often deployed in small teams and operate in a variety of environments, including urban, jungle, desert, and mountainous terrain.

The duties of a United States Marine Corps Scout Sniper include:

  1. Conducting reconnaissance and surveillance operations.
  2. Gathering and reporting intelligence information.
  3. Engaging enemy targets with precision fire.
  4. Providing overwatch and security for friendly units.
  5. Operating and maintaining a variety of weapons systems, including rifles, machine guns, and grenade launchers.

Scout Snipers must possess a high level of physical and mental toughness, as well as the ability to operate effectively in isolation and under challenging conditions. They undergo extensive training in marksmanship, fieldcraft, and survival skills, and are expected to maintain a high level of proficiency throughout their careers.


STA (Scout Sniper Tactics and Techniques) School is a training program for Marines in the United States Marine Corps (USMC) who serve as Scout Snipers. The course provides in-depth instruction on the skills and tactics required for successful reconnaissance, surveillance, and precision fire support operations.

The STA School curriculum covers a wide range of subjects, including:

  1. Marksmanship and shooting techniques.
  2. Reconnaissance and surveillance tactics.
  3. Sniper and observer communications.
  4. Movement and concealment in a variety of environments.
  5. Target detection, identification, and engagement.
  6. Ballistics and trajectory analysis.
  7. Weather and light effects on shooting.
  8. Sniper equipment and maintenance.

STA School is a physically and mentally challenging program, and students are expected to demonstrate a high level of skill and proficiency in order to graduate. The training is designed to prepare Marines for the demands of real-world operations, and provides a foundation for ongoing professional development throughout their careers as Scout Snipers.