Not easy by any means. US Marines make the rank when they have demonstrated their expertise, knowledge, downright bravery in combat and excel well at just being United States Marines. They are the first to go and the last to know as they often laugh amongst themselves. First in last out is another good one and not far from the truth. Ever hear of an issue somewhere around the globe? Who gets the first phone call? The United States Marine Corps. Time to stack some souls. That is why the USMC rank custom shirt was created in the first place.

US Marines Make the Rank

Often the case when moving from Private to PFC and from PFC to Lance Corporal when time simply gets in the way and it’s time to advance. However making Corporal isn’t easy and it requires far more for a young Marine to accomplish before earning that second stripe. Ever hear about the “Terminal Lances”? The US Marines that never advance and stay E-3’s for the balance of their careers. Welcome to the suck!

But I went To Bootcamp

Yes you did and whether it was MCRD or Parris Island, South Carolina you joined a brotherhood and sisterhood made up of America’s finest and have joined the ranks of the toughest, meanest, highest level and honorable branched of the Armed Forces: The United states Marine Corps. And because of this you not only signed the contract but you invested at least 3 years of your life to joining a community of warriors, leathernecks, Grunts, wingers and more that understand what sacrifice means from the unlimited deployments you get ordered to, the ships you sail aboard crossing the world and her oceans and seas to the Marine Security Guard detachments that guard America’s embassies all over the world. We are the warriors of the United States and our honor is everything, our dedication to our beloved Corps knows no bounds and our dedication to the preservation of our American freedoms is everything. Semper Fidelis.

Marines Should Have a Choice

Maybe a little while on active duty but for sure as a retired US Marine you do and can make a choice and there is no better time than when selecting your rank from a field of choices and wearing one of the coolest USMC ranks shirts on the planet. This US Marine Rank shirt designed by DevilDog shirts was created for every US Marine to enjoy.

Select your rank, have it displayed on a stunning USMC graphic with your rank chevrons, or officer’s ranks, a belt of ammunition, crossed M4 rifles, and skulls with a Kbar penetrating them like a 5.56 round through hot butter and the glorious name USMC displayed prominently at the top.

Add your custom text which can be virtually anything you want and have it printed for you and what you have is a fully custom Marine Corps rank shirt that knows no equal. So yes US Marines Make the rank with a shirt like this.