US Marines in Military Appreciation Month

Military Appreciation Month is a multitude of military holidays that fall in May.  These special days of recognition are observed throughout our entire country.  They give both citizen and service member a chance to show their patriotism unabated.  Below is a comprehensive list of our military observances in May.

US Marines in Military Appreciation Month USMC Clothing USMC Caps

Military Observances During May

-During 1st of May is Silver Star Service Banner Day and Loyalty Day.

-The first week of May is Public Service Recognition Week.

-May eighth is VE Day, or Victory in Europe Day, marking the end of WWII

-Friday before Mothers Day is Military Spouse Appreciation Day.

-The second Saturday to the Third Sunday is Armed Forces Week.

-The third Saturday of May is Armed Forces Day.

-May 22nd is Maritime Day.

-Last Monday of May is Memorial Day.

The Marine 300 in Afghanistan

The United States first entered Afghanistan shortly after we were attacked by international terrorist on September 11th.  Although US forces started to withdraw in 2014.  Yet there has since been a renewed effort in the region.  With the rise of ISIS, the Taliban has been able to seize the oppurtunity for an advance.  More and more Afghan regions have fallen back into Taliban hands.

The United States could not let this continue.  The country falling back into Taliban hands undermines the work that many service members have fought and died for.  To respond to this, the US Marine Corps deployed a contingent of Marines to the area.  300 Marines have been sent in strictly advisory roles to oversee Afghan progress.  Furthermore, as these 300 Marines go back into the lions den, let us keep them in our memory and appreciation.

Marines in Operation Inherent Resolve

Operation Inherent Resolve was executed in 2014 in response to the growing threat of ISIS.  The motto of Operation Inherent Resolve is “One Mission, Many Nations.”  This motto does not speak for merely the military.  Hundreds of volunteers from Europe, Canada, the United States, and Australia have also descended upon Iraq and Syria to aid in defense against ISIS.  The US led Coalition has mainly contributed a vast amount of air power.  However, the mission has escalated as Marines were sent to Iraq and Syria.  Let us keep these Marines and international warriors in our memory and appreciation, as they continue to defend the free world.

Warrior Reunion Foundation

The Warrior Reunion Foundation is being spotlighted for Military Appreciation Month.  Much effort, preparation, and training takes place before Marines deploy to combat.  However, very little attention has been given over the years on what to do when these Marines get back.  The Warrior Reunion Foundation seeks to change that.  They seek to promote healing through each other.  The only Marines that will understand where you’ve been and what you have done is the Marine’s that were there!

Warrior Reunion Foundation with the Kajaki Knights USMC Clothing USMC Caps

The Mission of the Warrior Reunion Foundation is as follows:

“The Warrior Reunion Foundation  connects our nation’s warriors with the one resource that can get them through anything: each other. We deliver unparalleled, all-inclusive reunion experiences to units deployed to a combat theater, giving veterans the opportunity to reunite, remember and recover together.”

The Warrior Reunion Foundation takes donations that go toward transportation, food, lodging, and other amenities required for Marines to reunite.  If you are interested in learning more about the Warrior Reunion Foundation or donating click here:   Warrior Reunion Foundation

Originating from Retired Marine James Ferguson, the Warrior Reunion Foundation will revolutionize the way PTSD is treated throughout our country.  Furthermore, after over 10 plus years of war, it is important to take care of our vets.  They were prepared to give it all at one point in time.


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