United States of America and the Cold War

The Cold War was different than all other wars.  No other time in the history of humanity had two nations held such destructive power at their fingertips.  In the time span of 4 to 6 hours our world as we know it could have came to a halt.  It was this reason that the US and Soviets did not come to blows head-to-head.

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The US and Soviet Union did however battle it out in several countries across the globe as the Truman Doctrine was in full force.  Korea, Greece, Vietnam, Greece, China, and Afghanistan are some examples of our involvement.  These involvements ranged from economic aid, arms, advisory teams, and even manpower.  With two superpowers pumping money into the countries they only perpetuated the conflicts.

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Before the Cold War

As World War II was drawing to a close two global superpowers would emerge.  The United States and the Soviet Union.  This was not the case during the beginning of World WarII.  Great Britain and France held the title of superpower.  Both countries had colonies that spanned across the globe.  It was only during World War II that the United States and Russia realized their true potential.  After WWII Britain and France would concede most of their colonies.

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The Truman Doctrine, the Atomic Bomb, and Containing the USSR

The Coup de Gras for the Japanese Empire during WWII was two atomic bombs.  One was dropped in Hiroshima and the other Nagasaki.  In an instant hundreds and thousands of people perished.  This action, seen by the entire world, changed the face of diplomacy forever.  It wasn’t long before America’s Soviet competitors built atomic bombs of their own.  In 1949, the Soviets tested their first nuclear bomb.  It was a success.