Top 8 Reasons Why James Mattis Has His Own Challenge Coin

This article analyzes the Top 8 Reasons Why James Mattis Has His Own Challenge Coin.  These reasons include:

James Mattis on Power Point USMC Polos Marine Shirts

8)  Changed the Way the US Fought Wars

General Mattis contributed greatly to reshaping our US military.  General Patraeus and himself co-authored the FM 3-24.  Our Counter Insurgency Field Manual.  He also coordinated with top Marines to create the Infantry Immersion trainer, or IIT.  Furthermore, General Mattis was also instrumental in the creation of the Combat Hunter program.

General Mattis Talks to Junior Marines USMC Polos Marine Shirts

7 ) Imparted Great Wisdom and Knowledge to Marines

James Mattis imparted great wisdom and knowledge to Marines.  Not just Marines in his immediate circle, yet future generations of Marines.

Quotes like:

“The most important six inches on the battlefield are between your ears.”

“Be polite, be professional, but have a plan to kill everyone you meet.”

“Demonstrate to the world that there is ‘no better friend, and no worse enemy than a US Marine.'”

“You are the world’s most feared and trusted fighting force.  Engage your brain before you engage your weapon”

epitomized the mantra of counter-insurgency operations at the time.

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6 ) He Keeps Many of Our Nation’s Enemies Awake at Night

When asked by the host of CBS Face the Nation, “what keeps you awake at night?”  The Secretary of Defense James Mattis replied, “nothing!  I keep other people awake at night.”  With the recent events unfolding in the Middle East, he proved that statement true.

General Mattis schooling his Marines USMC Polos Marine Shirts

5 ) He Embodies the Persona of a US Marine and Raised the Bar

“The first time you blow someone away is not an insignificant event.  That being said, there are some assholes in the world that need to be shot.”

“There is nothing like being shot at and missed.”

“It’s quite fun to shoot them, you know.  It’s a hell of a hoot.  It’s fun to shoot some people.”

It was quotes like these that embodied the mentality of Marines.

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4) His Understanding of Geopolitics, Foreign Policy, and Diplomacy is Globally Renown

“Upon entering into a key leader engagement with Iraqi tribal elders, General Mattis had this to say: “I come in peace.  I didn’t bring artillery.  But I am pleading to you, with tears in my eyes:  If you fuck me, I will kill you all!”  Indeed, that firm hand was understood by any that chose to cross him.  James Mattis was also the Commanding General of Central Command, or CENTCOM.  In this position Mattis was relied on as a diplomat of sorts in the Middle East.

Marine Corps Recruits in Squadbay USMC Polos Marine Shirts

3) One Day When Recruits Fall Asleep they Will be Saying Goodnight to “BOTH” Chesty and Mad-Dog!

Before Marines go to sleep at night in Bootcamp it is tradition to lay in their rack at the POA (Position Of Attention) and yell:  “Good night, good night Chesty! Wherever you are!”  Our current Secretary of Defense is no doubt the modern Chesty Puller of our era.  When this Marine passes away, he will no doubt be missed, and implemented in our Marine Corps tradition.

General Mattis serves chow to junior Marines USMC Polos Marine Shirts

2) His Personal Character is an Example for his Peers and Junior Marines of Lesser Grade to Emulate

The picture above shows General Mattis serving chow to his troops and Officers.  Furthermore, there was also an occasion where General Mattis made a surprise visit to a young Officer on Duty.  When Mattis found out that the Officer had a family, he promptly relieved the Marine of Duty and took over as OOD (Officer On Duty).  Stories like this speak volumes about the general’s character.

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1) James Mattis is not Afraid to Speak Up and Say What He Believes is Right, Contrary to Public Opinion

As Secretary of Defense, James Mattis has went against the political grain from the start.  It was Mattis that got President Trump to rethink his position on water-boarding.  He also got President Trump to retract his position on leaving NATO.  Furthermore, James Mattis has called global warming “a threat to national security.”  These positions frustrated many Republicans in the Trump Administration.

General Mattis Patron Saint of Chaos USMC Polos Marine Shirts

James Norman Mattis is a Legend in his own right!

James Norman Mattis has carved his place into history with his own bare hands.  As Secretary of Defense he is now not just looked up to by his Marines, yet the entire nation!  Former Secretary of Defense, Ash Carter, has broke the fighting capability of our military.  Mad-Dog is restoring the military of our nation’s honor, pride, and integrity!

8 Reasons Why James Mattis Has His Own Challenge Coin USMC Polos Marine Shirts

The James Norman Mattis Secretary of Defense Coin is only fitting for a Marine Corps legend like Mad-Dog Mattis!  Devil Dog Shirts is proud to be apart of the recognition of this legend.  These are the 8 Reasons Why James Mattis Has Own Challenge Coin Semper Fidelis!


James Norman Mattis Secretary of Defense Coin USMC Polos Marine Shirts