The USMC and Tun Tavern A Legendary Bond is central to the history of the United States Marine Corps which has a rich and storied history that spans more than 240 years. Throughout that time, there have been many important figures, battles, and traditions that have contributed to the Corps’ identity and legacy. One of the most enduring and significant of those traditions is the relationship between the Marine Corps and Tun Tavern.

Tun Tavern Raising The Bar Marine Corps Challenge Coin
Tun Tavern Raising The Bar Marine Corps Challenge Coin

Tun Tavern was a popular gathering spot in Philadelphia in the early 18th century. It was known for its good food, fine beer, and convivial atmosphere, and it was a popular spot for local politicians, businessmen, and other prominent citizens. In 1735, a group of young men, including Samuel Nicholas, decided to form a club at Tun Tavern called the “Schuylkill Fishing Company.” The club was dedicated to fishing, hunting, and good fellowship, and it quickly became a popular destination for the city’s elite.

Tun Tavern, Philedelphia. Birthplace of the Marine Corps

In 1775, when the Continental Congress decided to establish the Continental Marines, Samuel Nicholas was chosen to be the first commandant of the Corps. He recruited many of the Corps’ first members from among the members of the Schuylkill Fishing Company, including several who were regulars at Tun Tavern. The tavern became a gathering place for the Marines, and it was there that Nicholas recruited many of the first Marines.

The relationship between the Marine Corps and Tun Tavern continued to grow over the years. In the 19th century, the tavern became a popular spot for retired Marines, and it was often used as a recruiting station for the Corps. The Marine Corps Birthday Ball, which is celebrated every year on November 10th, has its roots in Tun Tavern. The first ball was held in 1925 at the Hotel Lafayette in New York City, but it was organized by the Marine Corps League, which was founded at Tun Tavern in 1923.

Today, Tun Tavern is no longer in operation, but it remains an important part of Marine Corps history and tradition. The original site of the tavern is now marked with a plaque, and it is a popular destination for Marines visiting Philadelphia. The Marine Corps’ ties to Tun Tavern are also celebrated in the Marine Corps Museum in Quantico, Virginia, where a replica of the tavern is on display.

The Marine Corps’ relationship with Tun Tavern is a testament to the Corps’ dedication to tradition and history. The tavern, which was once just a popular spot for locals to gather, has become an important symbol of the Corps’ identity and heritage. It is a reminder of the Corps’ roots, and a tribute to the many brave men and women who have served in the Marine Corps over the years.

USMC Tun Tavern Alumni Vintage Sign

In conclusion, the relationship between the Marine Corps and Tun Tavern is a vital part of the Corps’ history and tradition. It is a reminder of the Corps’ roots and a testament to the dedication and sacrifice of the many Marines who have served over the years. While Tun Tavern may no longer be in operation, its legacy lives on in the Marine Corps and in the hearts and minds of all those who have served in the Corps.

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