Enough said? Well when the Marine Corps wants bad ass shirts and lets face it they do then they come to Devil Dog Shirts. Why? It must be about the artwork. A blank shirt isn’t very cool after running a 5K or PT at the ass crack of dawn. Let’s face it The Marine Corps Wants Bad Ass Custom Shirts and the best military art out there and they want it now!

For over 12 years the US Marine Veterans at Devil Dog Shirts have been creating some of the finest artwork for US Marine commands all over the world. Notable work has been from the creation of challenge coins for the Commandant of the Marine Corps to a coin that is resting on a challenge coin rack behind the President Of The United States. That coin sits in the Oval Office designed by Devildogshirts.

As you can image over the span of 12 plus years a lot of custom designs have been created. This blog features these designs to give a perspective on the quality of artwork DDS provides and the unique approach to military artwork. So when the Marine Corps Wants Bad Ass Custom Shirts they often turn to Devil Dog Shirts.

USMC Artillerymen Get Theirs

The 0811’s, cannoneers or artillerymen as they can often be called do have a patron saint; Saint Barbara. When asked by the Marine Corps artillery community for a design it could not be helped to introduce the relationship they have with Saint Barbara. So when the conversation got down tot he specifics it was decided to include Saint Barbara leading a horse ridden by the Grim Reaper. Sold!

The Marine Corps Wants Bad Ass Custom Shirts
The Marine Corps Wants Bad Ass Custom Shirts