Remembering September 11th

Many can recall in detail  the news on that fateful day.  On September 11th, our nation and our way of life was under attack.  The men and women that leapt to action  had no idea the fate that awaited them.  Undeterred they braved the smoke and fire.  The Twin Towers then fell and our nation lost some of its best.  The first responders on September 11th fit the textbook definition of hero.

Twin towers, September 11th USMC Shirts for Men Semper Fi Hats

The attacks on September 11th took a small part of the world’s innocence.  It propelled us deeper into conflict with ideologies that do not hold truths in traditional Western values.  As the world went to war, cultures would drift further apart.  The aftermath of September 11th would echo far in American history.  It still plays a major part in our lives today.  Our lives would never be the same after that day.

Aftermath of September 11th

Nineteen Al Qeada terrorist were able to hijack four separate airplanes.  They used them as weapons in their attack.  Over 2,977 Americans lost their lives that day.  It was the largest attack on American soil since Pearl Harbor in 1941.  All perpetrated in the name of religious extremism.

The organizer of the attacks was the infamous Osama Bin Laden.  He and his Al Qeada minions took refuge from the United States in Afghanistan.  They were hosted by Mulla Muhammed Omar of the Taliban.

Afghanistan after September 11th USMC Shirts for Men Semper Fi Hats

On October 14th, 2001, 33 days after the attack, the US military was “boots on deck” in Afghanistan.  We were there to take the fight to the enemy.  Little did our Warfighters know that the war would drag on in two countries for ten years plus.  Yet their resolute sacrifices in Iraq and Afghanistan made sure that no other major terrorist attack would happen on US Soil.

Only after withdrawing from Iraq did the world see the necessity of holding security in the region.  Terrorism is once again in America’s back-yard.  The attacks in Chattanooga, San Bernardino, Orlando, and Boston all happened after leaving Iraq.  These attacks confirm the work our troops were doing overseas in light of the vicious attack on September 11th.

First Responders 9/11 USMC Shirts for Men Semper Fi Hats

Our First Responders

The fireman, paramedics, and police that chose to rush the Towers to look for survivors will never be forgotten.  Soon after the Towers collapsed many first responders lost their lives.  Furthermore, the men and women that enlisted into service while our nation was at war deserve our respect.  Many did not know what awaited them.  Or that we would be launched into another war only a few years later.  Yet through dedication and sacrifice in the face of adversity our nation prevailed.

Our team at Devil Dog Shirts feels the need to perpetuate the memory of these heroes.  That is why our next design is commemorated to all the first responders and service members that lost their lives in the war on terror.  We thank you for your selfless sacrifice in protecting our nation, our way of life, and our fellow Americans.