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Hades Greek God of the Underworld Ancient Coin designed for coin collectors and those with a passion for Greek lore and history. These Greek God ancient coins are some of the most ancient coins in the industry. This coin is constructed of forged 2 tone silver and and gold accents, 3D relief cuts, 4mm thickness like it was forged on the anvil of the gods and with the amazing detail only offered at Devildogshirts.Com.

At Devil Dog Shirts strive to bring Marines back to their ancient warrior roots.  It is the mentality of being the best that keeps out the spirit of defeat.  It ensures the survival of the United States Marine Corps for centuries to come!  We have earned our legacy on the field of battle, time and time again.  We will continue to do so as long as we maintain our Espirit de Corps and hold strong to our Core Values! Semper Fidelis Marines!

Devildogshirts.Com designs and produces some of the finest challenge coins in the industry. With their original artwork they have been sought after for decades and produce only the finest for the United States Marine Corps. If your USMC unit or command is looking for a unique coin design please contact us at

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