Before Operation Inherent Resolve

Operation Inherent Resolve was initiated as a result of the advance of ISIS.  During this operation the United States teamed with international forces to destroy ISIS.  The word ISIS derives from the name Islamic State of Iraq and Syria.  The growth of ISIS was allowed to happen as a result of the Arab Spring in 2010.  The Arab Spring was comprised of activists that raised their voices from across the Middle East via social media.  What followed shortly after was widespread revolt.  This led Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, and Yemen all to depose their leaders.  Algeria, Bahrain, Kuwait, Jordan, Morocco, and Sudan would all see major protest as a result.  The effects of the Arab Spring are still seen today in Syria, as rebel forces struggle to topple the Bashar Al Assad’s regime.

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The United States chose to covertly act in Syria.  We funded the rebel groups that tried to topple Assad.  One of the groups we unwittingly funded was ISIS.  The self-proclaimed “Islamic State” was born in Raqqa, Syria.  However, the militants decided to turn their sights eastward.  The swathed a path of blood along the Tigris and Euphrates, taking Mosul and poised to strike on Baghdad.

Some of Iraq’s top Generals would betray their country and join ISIS as they moved eastward.  Many Iraqi soldiers, betrayed by their leaders, were swiftly executed.  The Islamic State would use this for PR purposes and spread terror throughout the Middle East.  Shortly after their takeover they would release a series of brutal execution videos.  The videos were played across the internet.  The sheer savagery of their methods garnered a large international outcry.


Operation Inherent Resolve