NewsWatch is a source for health, consumer, technological, entertainment, and travel news.  NewsWatch appears on the ION Network.  With monthly “tech” spotlights on Discovery Channel.

The show began on March, 1990.  Since than they have over 1,000 original episodes.  Featuring 10,000 stories.  They range from public policy issues, charities, product innovations, medical breakthroughs, and our military.

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NewsWatch has featured some of America’s top names and celebrities.  Mila Kunis, Dewayne Johnson, Will Smith, Vin Diesel, and Colin Firth all appeared on the show.  NewsWatch airs in the United States. However it can be viewed anywhere on the World Wide Web.  Each edition reaches over 96 million viewers nationwide.  With over 700 million viewers NewsWatch has earned its reputation as an excellent news source.

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Devil Dog Shirts

Devil Dog Shirts started out as a very small company of a thousand viewers on Facebook.  Today we are more than 40,000 in our Devil Dog community.  We strive to perpetuate the Warrior Ethos in our Corps.  By commemorating the hard-chargers out there that gave life and limb in the killing field across the globe!

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USMC Devil Dog Shirts military T-Shirts, Challenge Coins, Patches, Postersand Decals are a central part of the quality products created at . Their original artwork which is licensed by the United States Marine Corps trademark and Licensing Office depicts the Courage, Honor, and Commitment of the Marines in our Corps!

We have been offering active duty, reserve, dependents, families, and veteran Marines quality products for a very low price.  Our name and brand has prided itself on quality products from T-Shirts, Challenge Coins, Patches, Posters, and Decals.  When you see the Devil Dog Shirt Logo, you immediately know that this is a quality product!

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Devil Dog Shirts will be featured along with Navy Crow on NewsWatch.  It will air following the popular show “Dad’s and Grad’s” on the Discovery Channel on June 10th, at 0700 and 1900.  Or 7:00 am & 7:00 pm

Make sure to tune in Devil Dogs!

Semper Fidelis!   -Great Dane