MOS 0341 is the Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) code for a Mortarman in the United States Marine Corps. We are honored to have created the MOS 0341 Mortarman Marine Corps Challenge Coin in their honor.

A Mortarman is a member of the infantry who is trained to operate and maintain the 81mm and 60mm mortars. These weapons are used to deliver high-explosive and smoke rounds to support the infantry in combat.

Mortarmen are responsible for the accurate calculation of data, such as elevation and azimuth, to deliver the rounds to the target. They also have to perform the necessary maintenance and cleaning of the weapons. They are an essential part of the Marine infantry, providing indirect fire support to the troops on the ground. They often work in close coordination with the forward observers, who direct the fire and adjust it as necessary.

United States Marine Corps Mortarmen go through a rigorous training program, including basic infantry training, advanced marksmanship, and mortar-specific training. They are expected to be physically fit and able to carry heavy loads over long distances. Mortarmen may be deployed in various environments, including desert, jungle, and urban areas, and may be called upon to operate in all types of weather conditions.

USMC 0341 Mortarman MOS Coin

The Mortarman MOS 0341 is considered as an important and challenging role in the USMC and are an essential component of the Marine Corps firepower.