Marine Air Ground Task Force

This article will take you through the different elements of a Marine Corps Air Ground Task Force.  This Marine Corps Expeditionary Force is known as a MAGTF for short.  A MAGTF is a combat group consisting of several different Marine Corps units.  These units combine into four separate elements.   This consists of the Command Element, Ground Combat Element, Air Combat Element, and Combat Service Support Element.  All four elements working in unison form a completely independent unit.  Furthermore, a unit that is capable of waging war on land, sea, or air!

The Marine Air Ground Task Force is formed into four sizes.  The largest is a Marine Expeditionary Force, or simply MEF.  The Marine Expeditionary Brigade, or MEB is medium-sized.  Although the MEB has been called on and formed, it is rare.  The smallest MAGTF is known as a MEU.  The Marine Expeditionary Unit is already deployed to sea.  This means they are ready to put boots-on-deck in almost any country in the world in a 24-hour period.  They don’t call the US Marines our nation’s 911 force for nothing!

Command Element

The Command Element provides command-and-control over the other three elements of the MAGTF.  The CE is responsible for the management and planning of the MAGTF.  This includes manpower, intelligence, operations, and training.  The CE is know as “HQ” or headquarters.  An HQ element is found on every level from company and up.  If a MAGTF was a body, HQ or Command Element would be the brain.  The MEU, MEB, MEF Commanding Officers all operate from the Command Element.

Ground Combat Element

On the MAGTF body, where the CE was the brain, the Ground Combat Element is it’s fist!  The GCE consists of Infantry units that form a Division, Regimental Combat Team, or Battalion Landing Team.

Air Combat Element

The Air Combat Element

The GCE is full of small contingents of HQ elements that act as command-and-control for the respective units

Combat Service Support Element

The Combat service Support Element

Our Nation’s 911 Force!

Our Nation's 911 Force