Every year on May 22nd, the United States Marine Corps celebrates Marine Corps Aviation Day, a day dedicated to recognizing the pivotal role of aviation in Marine Corps history and operations. This significant date marks the anniversary of the establishment of Marine Corps aviation on May 22nd, 1912, a milestone moment that laid the foundation for the Marine Corps’ aerial capabilities.

The Origins of Marine Corps Aviation Day

Marine Corps Aviation Day on May 22nd, 1912, commemorates the establishment of Marine Corps aviation, which occurred when First Lieutenant Alfred A. Cunningham reported to the Naval Aviation Camp in Annapolis, Maryland, to begin flight training. This marked the official beginning of Marine Corps aviation and paved the way for the development of Marine Corps air power.

Observing Marine Corps Aviation Day in the US Marine Corps

Marine Corps Aviation Day is observed in the United States Marine Corps with a range of ceremonies, events, and activities that celebrate the contributions and achievements of Marine Corps aviators past and present. These observances may include:

  1. Aviation Demonstrations: Marine Corps air stations and units may conduct flight demonstrations and air shows showcasing the capabilities of Marine Corps aircraft and highlighting the skill and expertise of Marine Corps aviators.
  2. Commemorative Services: Marine Corps commands and units may hold commemorative services and ceremonies to honor the pioneers of Marine Corps aviation and pay tribute to those who have served and sacrificed in the air.
  3. Educational Outreach: Marine Corps aviators may participate in educational outreach programs, visiting schools and community organizations to share their experiences and inspire future generations of aviators.
  4. Historical Exhibits: Museums and historical sites dedicated to Marine Corps aviation may feature special exhibits and displays that recount the history of Marine Corps aviation and showcase artifacts and memorabilia from Marine Corps aviation’s storied past.

Looking Ahead: Upholding the Marine Corps Aviation Legacy

As we observe Marine Corps Aviation Day on May 22nd, let us reflect on the remarkable legacy of Marine Corps aviation and the pivotal role it continues to play in Marine Corps operations. From its humble beginnings in 1912 to the cutting-edge capabilities of today’s Marine Corps aircraft, Marine Corps aviation remains an integral part of the Marine Corps’ mission to protect and defend the nation.

On this special day, let us express our gratitude to all those who have served in Marine Corps aviation and reaffirm our commitment to upholding the proud traditions and enduring legacy of Marine Corps aviation for generations to come.