As they should. The most formidable warriors of the modern world the United States Marine Corps wants and more than deserves the finest military shirts and design offered by man. Camp Lejeune Wants Great Shirts and that is what they get at DevilDog Shirts.

Camp Lejeune, NC Units

The US Marines at Camp Lejeune know USMC shirts and boy do they ever. For over a decade the USMC Veterans of DevilDog shirts have been honored to design the hundreds of military designs and shirts for the US Marine Corps, many of which were stationed at Camp Lejeune.

With the variety of Marine Corps commands located at this famous of Marine Corps installations the list of commands that have inquired or received shirts with our patented custom USMC shirt designs are as follows:

22nd Marine Expeditionary Unit, 24th Marine Expeditionary Unit, 26th Marine Expeditionary Unit, 2D Marine Division (2d MARDIV), 2D Marine Logistics Group, Field Medical Service School, II Marine Expeditionary Forces, Marine Corps Combat Service Support School, Marine Corps Engineer School, Marine Corps Installations East, Marine Special Operations Command, Naval Hospital Camp Lejeune, School of Infantry East, Weapons Training Battalion and Wounded Warrior Battalion East to name a few.

At each of these respective commands of the USMC are emblematic officers or US Marines with the responsibility of working with small USMC veteran businesses that are aimed at producing the best military art for them in the business. That is what DevilDog Shirts does for them.

Camp Lejeune Wants Great Shirts

The US Marines returning from a “Float” in Jacksonville, NC have on more than one occasion received their Marine Corps custom shirts from us. Each design was created with a deadly mascot, Eagle, Globe And Anchor in some cases, a reference or two to their MOS and rank displaying with ferocity vivid color and a fully custom USMC design that turned heads from any left or right oblique. We have designed for the Commandant of the US Marine Corps and it was an honor to do so.

The Honor Is Ours

As US Marine Veterans it has been an honor to have designed for so many US Marines and retired Marines as well. Designs for their families from graduation and the parade deck at MCRD, San Diego to Parris Island, SC have been on the design table, a number of designs were created for Marine Security Detachments guarding our embassies across the globe. We were tapped to produce numerous designs for them as well over the last decade.

Custom USMC Shirts – Let’s Begin

·         To get started fire off a round of ideas, concepts or even examples of what you want designed. Shoot an email to and get in touch directly with the art team so we can get to know you, ask questions and navigate ways to get the very best custom USMC shirt and challenge coins produced.

·         Things a military artist will want to know. Tell us about the main art for the back of the shirt or sides of the coins. What elements are the most important and what primary, secondary is and the least important. Is the art full color or maybe black and white? Text. What slogan, unit text is to be above and below the art for the front and back designs?

·         Shirt colors are important because the art looks different when displayed on a black colored shirt verses OD green or Coyote Brown. We design for all and knowing this makes a big difference.

·         Will the design be for a shirt only or maybe a Marine Corps challenge coin as well. Knowing this advance can make a big difference not to mention save some time and cost developing a design that might work for both applications.

·         Shirt material? Cotton, tri-blend or maybe a dry-fit shirt is what you are looking for? We do them all and with our ability to screen-print, dye sublimate print, direct-to-garment print we offer a wide range of printing technologies as well as the ability to handle a small unit sized order of maybe 12-50 as well as hundreds if not more.

I Want USMC Unit Shirts on Steroids

Have done it, been there and done it and continue to do it daily. Nothing beats the original and when it comes to art the custom design we offer will overwhelm the mediocrity of a cut and paste operation which we do not participate in. That paint bucket for copying and pasting someone else can worry about. We focus on the best and the art we produce is custom hand drawn and colored and designed to turn the heads of USMC leadership. They will wish they had your shirts when we are through. Let’s get started.