Laughter is the best medicine. Until there’s actual medicine or some for of vaccination. We can all hope. These are some of the Best Covid-19 Memes Of The Week. Enjoy!

You’ve done the arts and crafts and played Monopoly till you wee blue in the face, you’ve glossed over the entire internet and you’ve finished binge watching your favorite Netflix shows. There are additional options. You can cry, eat and laugh. We’ll help you out with the last one. Laughter is best. Hope you and yours are staying safe, healthy and being somewhat sane.

These are your top 20 Covid-19 memes and tweets for the week:

Gotta have a dog meme. Nothing starts any better than a dog, a ceiling and no rules. Helium Dog Covid Lock down.

Best Covid-19 Memes Of The Week
Best Covid-19 Memes Of The Week

1. Everything is fine

At least he’s maintaining social distancing. At least we think he is.

2. The word of the mother

Amen, sister and take care. One of the Best Covid-19 Memes Of The Week!

3. Conference calls 

Zoom backgrounds make it better. And while we are talking Zoom can I get divorced on Zoom? We will come back to that question.

4. Laughter Is the best medicine without a doubt

Oh Dad. So smart. And in other news.

5. Happy little tree

I want people. We all do.

6. Atta boy

Nothing to see here, nothing to see. Whiskey helps!

7. True transformation. You bet

I’m not proud of how hard I laughed at that one!! Gut wrenching.

8. The boombox

We’ve trained our whole life for this. I saw the movie in the theaters.

9. So loud

What are you eating, BONES? Love me those red necks!

10. M.J. knew. Yes he did.

Now if we could just heal the world… 1 day at a time.

11. More vodka, please! Please.

These are good life skills. Get that recipe book open.

12. Reality TV

No wonder my kids like to watch other kids playing with toys on YouTube. We do the same thing with HGTV. Another round of checks please?

13. No pants 

I can’t imagine having to wear shoes to a meeting again… Love this idea.

14. Hand washing

So many temptations to touch your face. We shall get through this too.

15. Catch me outside 

How bout dat? And there it is.

16. Shady pines

Might have to binge watch Golden Girls. Or not.

17. So much truth

If you having tortilla chips for breakfast means I don’t have to cook… Or wash the dishes.

18. Iguana private office 

Something about you getting on the phone screams, “COME TALK TO ME.” Amen.

19. SPF 15

At least you’re getting your vitamin D. Maybe?

20. Dreams do come true

You bought it “for the pandemic.” It doesn’t get better than this.

You have to admit we are all in this together as the news would say. Or even better is the term for our new norm. I’m am not so sure. Walking around in my pajamas, watching shows, playing the ever present video game like World Of Warships (damn fine game) and sucking down a beer might sound like the height of society right now. I a, cool with it for the moment but why not laugh a little.

There is a solution for going out and that is wearing some kick ass Covid-19 masks. Marines you can look great in public with a Covid-19 mask that sends the right kind of message. So while you are in public sport one and look great. A Marine Corps Covid mask might just do the trick.