Every civilian when they make the decision to become part of the greatest US military branch in history the United States Marine Corps often has zero understands what awaits them. Every experience is different, both good and bad. Advancement based on a variety of criteria, the duty stations, the deployments, the things that simply never go as planned. A citizen might call it bad luck, or a situation crisis but in the United States Marine Corps we phrase it as welcome to the suck.

USMC Sucks Makes it to Hollywood.

When we reference the green weenie or the suck we often think about the times Hollywood used it as a catchphrase in some story line to define a US Marines experience either going through basic or AIT or even onto their duty station.

  • (Anthony ‘Swoff’ Swofford) “You poor bastard. I bet your recruiter promised you a whole wide world of p*****, huh?”
  • (Lucas Black) “f***in’ eh. Cocksucker knew the price of every whore from Olangapo to Stockholm.”
  • (Anthony ‘Swoff’ Swofford) “And here we are, headed to the desert; no p***** and a thousand miles.”
  • (Lucas Black) “f***ed by the green weenie again.”

A very appropriate Hollywood film depicting the US Marine experience during Desert Storm we all know to be true.



Peter Sarsgaard as Troy

  • (Peter Sarsgaard) “Welcome to The Suck.”

Welcome To The Suck And Your Definition

Many of us whom have had the privilege to learn firsthand what the suck was came to terms with it. But every US Marine knows and has had a different experience. We want to hear from you what the “Suck” meant to you.