Is there really a way to express how all Veterans feel or should feel when it comes to society? The meaning of the word Veteran means so much too so many people from the veteran to their families or friends. But the overall sense of what it means to be a veteran rests with the individual and how I feel their experiences went while they served and after their military separation. There is good and bad found in everything.

USMC Veteran Blood Sweat and Tears Coin

As a US Marine I have often found that what was important while in service was radically different than when I got out. As USMC Veterans did we really pay attention to the USMC EGA (Eagle, Globe and Anchor)? Not so much. It came up at parade, it was seen on our United States Marine Corps flag blowing on a hot summer day or it was featured on top of a cake at our USMC Birthday ball. But while serving it was never really more than an iconic image of something that represented hundreds of years of dedication, honor and pride. But while serving it just wasn’t as high up on the radar as other priorities.

Then came military retirement.

The EGA became a more significant part of my daily living from the USMC shirts I wear to the Marine Corps decals featuring the EGA displayed on my car and truck. Not sure if it meant I wanted others to see it as much as it meant to me what I did while I was in service to this country. The area always seemed cloudy. I was proud as hell to serve America and her citizens. I was incredibly hard charging when it came to serving with my brothers and sisters in the Corps whom I respected beyond words. But, for me things really changed as a Marine Corps Veteran.

I started to see things for what they were. Sure the Corps instilled incredible discipline, dedication to my roles and responsibilities as a parent or while working for a company but more importantly it gave me insight to challenge the things many of us used to take for granted like what we really defines us as Americans. Fighting and defending America meant preserving the ideals she bestowed in us. Our fervent desire for freedom. Not the kind of freedom a political party used to push their agenda by attaching it to something this political or that political party wanted but to honestly ask questions about what it truly meant. We have lost our way.

It’s Coming Apart

As a military veteran I see our country falling apart and doing it with style. Doesn’t matter what side of the aisle you attach your flag to both are equally bad. For so many reasons it isn’t funny. They have their agendas and often their brand of baseball doesn’t coincide with the rest of us. Why would it? They are paid off by special interests, corporations, PACs, billionaires and trillion Ares who simply want to stay not only wealthy but also in control of the rest of us. That isn’t a government for and by the people. That is tyranny.

So again what does the word Veteran mean? It means standing up for what we all know is right, doing the research, not taking things for granted and doing the right thing as Americans for each other and our future generations. We have lost the way. Our country has been hacked apart eht5her because of the George Soros’s of the world the Kings and Queens across the seas that rule us from the shadows or a cultish government like the CCP that only wants to rule us all in some egalitarian, communistic utopia where the top are right and the rest of us are glad for our fee spoons of rice each. I didn’t sign up for that but many did including the same politicians that hide and pass laws to protect themselves while they rape the rest of us.

So what does it mean to be a Veteran? Grit. To be and act like an American and to work together to help our once great country to return to integrity, leadership that means something and has a backbone and we take care of our own first. For me being a Veteran means stop listening to the bullshit our so called leaders think is in our best interests, having us vote against our best interests and throwing these degenerates in jail for the fleecing of this country.