Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house not a creature was stirring because they knew that if they opened their mouth little Johnny would take out his multi-faceted USMC survival business card tool and open up a can of whoop ass!

US Flag Survival Business Card USMC Tool
US Flag Survival Business Card USMC Tool

That is how it’s done and whether Old Saint Nick is on fire watch or any number of his survival business card building elves one thing is for certain: you’re good to go from the North Pole to 29 Palms when you have the right tool in your hand.

Cancel Christmas?

Hell no! This holiday isn’t going, down or being cancelled by some ridiculous and nefarious administration. We stand for freedom, truth, leadership and the American way of life and we have the survival business tools to prove it! Just ask Little Johnny.

The Survival Business Card Tool

Military grade as much as any Ford F-150 and built just as tough. These little beauties are not only capable of staving off hordes of fanatical terrorist but they are also North Pole approved. The Grinch even wanted one but we told him to pound sand.

  • The NEW multi-function business card size tool that fits in your wallet. Made of .040” powder-coated steel. It has a total of 18 tools including
    3 different screwdrivers, 6 hex wrenches, can opener, bottle opener, ruler, phone stand, box opener, fruit peeler and letter opener.
  • USA Printed by US Veterans
  • Same size as a VISA so it fits in most wallets
  • Original art and military graphics makes it a unique and cool tool for most occasions
  • MARSOC Elf approved
  • Art is under license with US military licensing offices

So whether you are an active duty US military service member or a prior service US Veteran the survival business card tool makes the perfect stocking stuffer at your next Christmas celebration. Make sure Little Johnny gets one and make sure your insurance premiums are paid up.