Marine Corps Challenge Coins With Character

Our Devil Dog Shirts team is honored to work with US Marines all over the world to create Marine Corps challenge coins for units and Marine Corps commands all over the world. These Marine Corps challenge coins honor the history, traditions and bravery of the United States Marine Corps. Marine Corps coins we design featuring the exclusive and original artwork of Devil Dog Shirts are crafted for active duty, US Veterans and prior service.

General Lewis Chesty Puller Great American Heroes Silver Clad Coin
General Lewis Chesty Puller Great American Heroes Silver Clad Coin

Our Marine Corps challenge coins are also created to support the fundraising efforts of USMC units and their leadership. Nothing helps more than a quality Marine Corps challenge coin to raise funds during a successful fundraising campaign. Some of the Marine Corps challenge coins we help design are made for active duty jarheads, while others are made for veterans and charity organizations. They all have different styles, colors, artwork and options, but, in the end, each quality Marine Corps coin is designed to celebrate what it means to be a US Marine.

Honoring the Corps With Custom Marine Challenge Coins

Every US Marine lives by their motto Semper Fidelis. In Latin it means Always Faithful, and is the perfect way to describe the loyalty and unbreakable bonds between US Marines and their dedication to America. All over the world they are known as one of the deadliest strike forces in military history that will go above and beyond achieving success on the battle field. The Marine Corps Challenge coins we create support these fearless war fighters with a style and art that Marines desire. Marine Corps coins leave a history and like the USMC that was born in Tun Tavern in 1775 must have the type of Marine Corps coins that illustrate that connection to its birth in 1775 and our past. The Marine Corps knows no limits when its only option is to win and the Marine Corps coins we design lead from this example and attitude. When it comes to crafting a Marine Corps coin, the military designs always call back to what makes a US Marine a US Marine: Semper Fidelis!

Types of Custom Marine Corps Challenge Coins

There is an old joke that goes back to at least the Vietnam War whereby it was once once said “If you paint it red a US Marine will buy it!”. As a proud US Marine I agree and even better if its red and has some kick ass artwork I will buy it even faster. That is why the Marine Corps coins offered here are of a special type and design with unmatched quality. From Quantico to MCRD San Diego these Marine Corps coins are top of the line. The types of custom Marine Corps challenge coins are too numerous to count but the great thing is we can offer any option or combination of metals, colors, art and quality that will get the job done. Marine Corps coins are available in any size or shape imaginable, and our USMC art team has the ability to incorporate any emblems, the EGA for example, logos or command mottos a US Marine has in mind. This includes the famous eagle, globe and anchor emblem of the US Marines. So striking the right colors like the famous USMC red is never a problem because of how we approach special color designations. We use the Pantone Color Matching System (PMS) when recreating any Marine Corps coin so that the final challenge coin is an exact match to the established image of any US Marine based organization. Over the last decade many of the Marine Corps challenge coins we have created use the PMS 187C shade of red that has been connected to the Corps since its inception. As a licensee of the United States Trademark and Licensing offices hitting the right colors is essential when delivering the finest Marine Coups coins in the industry.

Marine Corps Coin Metals

How one metal looks when it site side by side with another is a big choice when it comes to Marine Corps coins. One metal color can and does affect the other when it comes to the appearance or details and how the overall presentation of the Marine Corps coin looks. Different color hand painted enamel added to different metal plating styles will have a slightly different appearance. This is due to the way enamel and metal colors contrast with each other and the way light interacts with each style of metal plating. A Marine Corps coin with antique silver and gold plating will look remarkably different than a glossy gold or silver. They are characteristically way different. The US Marine veteran artists at Devil Dog Shirts have the experience to deliver all sorts of different Marine Corps challenge coins and are happy to help find the perfect coordination of color, metal plating and other Marine Corps coin options like edging and engraving to get the perfect USMC design. The most popular combination for Marine Corps challenge coins is gold plating with the famous 187C red, but we have created custom unit coins for marines with all sorts of different plating and coloring choices.

Marine Corps Custom Challenge Coins

When it comes to Marine Corps coins with a custom design and powerful look we have a simple and proven process for US Marines and their commands to create a coin that is both fast and easy. Step 1 is give us a call or go to our online quote form and tell us about your design and ideas for a USMC custom challenge coin. These options only take a few minutes and talking to a retired USMC on our end means you are working with seasoned professionals that understand the USMC and direct our art teams to get an idea of the style and options you need for your Marine challenge coin. Looking for a Marine Corps custom challenge coin but not sure what you want? Our military artists and design team can offer a lot of ideas and whether you are going left oblique or right we will march in the same direction with you. Our Marine Corps custom challenge coins exceed expectations because of the teamwork our customers and design team work together to develop.

If you have a clear vision of the coin you’re looking for, give us a call or email us at and fire in your great ideas.

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Marine Corps Coins With the Best Custom Coin Maker Online

Custom Marine Corps challenge coins are always an exceptional experience for our Marine Corps veteran team. We are honored to be able to design and produce some of the finest Marine Cops challenge coins for the United States Marine Corps. So rich with military history every USMC unit has a story to tell and there is no finer way to do so than with a Marine Corps coin. If you’re looking for a custom Marine Corps coin company to help you create something special for your unit or command, you’ve come to the right place.

As a USMC veteran owned business we take pride in our work, and it shows in the quality of our products. Every customer receives a 100% quality guarantee on their order, and our Marine Corps coins are delivered in an industry-leading turnaround with the most original artwork in the industry. Get started with a few amazing ideas nd a desire to improve, overcome and adapt to the world of Marine Corps challenge coins. Engage our quote form today and our art team will have your first free proof of artwork ready within 24 to 48 hours.