The M60 and its variant the M60A1 main battle tank were the descendants of the Patton M48 Patton and saw a very long line of engagements, deployments and battles during its career. As the preferred main battle tank it was used up to and including the Gulf War in 1991; a big reason why we created an M60 Main Battle tank in Desert Storm challenge coin.

Rise Passive Variant

Why the M60 is called Rise Passive with a main battle tank like this? Well we all know the incredible popularity of wargames and in our case, more specifically World of Tanks. According to this highly popular game the Rise Passive was quoted as “Take the upgrades from a Cold War-era high-tech equipment program (the RISE program), apply them to a classic tank, and you get the M60A1 Rise (Passive) Escalation Western Alliance Medium Tank.

Thanks to its unique explosive reactive armor (a.k.a. ERA), the M60A1 Rise (Passive) has remarkable protection against HE-based shells. Its gun is also extremely accurate with great aim time and depression values, allowing you to crack shots from a safe distance or, when combined with its superior mobility, engage in effective hit-and-run tactics.”

Additional upgrades to the M60 Rise Passive was debuted in 1977, featured passive night vision sights for gunner and commander, a new night vision device for the driver. When the USMC deployed to the Middle East during Operation Desert Shield and later Desert Storm it brought one additional characteristic that would prove highly valuable: USMC M60A1 RISE Passives were outfitted with explosive reactive armor (ERA) in the late 1980s.

M60 Tank Challenge Coin

Importance of maintaining the history of the US military, its weapons, the Soldiers, US Marines and Sailors that tore into battle with these many machines of war was the thrust behind a series of coins called the Devildogs of Desert Storm Challenge coin series.

Without question the need to design a M60 coin was imperative. The coin which features the M60 Rise Passive tank saw service in Iraq during the Gulf War. Its powerful 105mm gun and secondary weapons are on full display. Over 15k of these tanks and variants were created over its lifetime. With a crew of 4 and firing its patented 105mm (4.1 inch) main gun this was a MBT to be reckoned with. It is a proud part of the Devildogs of Desert Storm challenge coins series and one that military coin collectors should possess.

M60A1 Patton Tank Devil Dogs of Desert Storm Challenge Coin
M60A1 Patton Tank Devil Dogs of Desert Storm Challenge Coin

M60 Main Battle Tank Rise Passive is the kind of tank you want introduced into your military challenge coin collection.