ISIS Hunting Club Wall of Martyrs

The ISIS Hunting Club Wall of Martyrs will bring you through the stories of several western volunteers.  Volunteers that selflessly gave their lives fighting ISIS.  During 2014 an organization took form that left behind a path of death and destruction.  Led by Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi, the Islamic State gained notoriety through their brutality.  Many innocent women and children faced rape, torture, and death.  That isn’t were it stopped.  ISIS would also video tape the murders to instill terror.  When these videos surfaced showing live murders by ISIS, the world was shocked.  Many brave men and women would heed a higher calling and deploy overseas to fight ISIS.  Some military vets, and some who never served a day in their life.  Yet they still pushed forward into the unknown.

ISIS Hunting Club Wall of Martyrs pays homage to those that gave the ultimate sacrifice.  They followed their convictions instead of reason. They knew the road that lied ahead.  Yet this did not deter them however.  To them, humanity came first.

ISIS Hunting Club Wall of Martyrs John Gallagher Marine Corps Apparel USMC Hoodies

John Gallagher

Our first on the ISIS Hunting Club Wall of Martyrs list is John Gallagher.  Born in Canada, John Gallagher heeded the call to serve his country.  He joined the Canadian Army and deployed to Bosnia.  John left the service in 2005.  When reflecting on his service he was very proud saying, “citizenship shouldn’t be taken for granted.  Serving is one way to pay your country back.” Gallagher was known by his friends to be an intelligent man of principle.  John Gallagher would leave Canada to fight the Islamic State like many others before him.  He said, “it is important to do what is right.”  On November 5, 2015, John Gallagher was patrolling through a village when he was hit by a suicide bomber.  On November 20th, he was repatriated to his homeland of Canada.  Many would turn out on a stretch of highway called the 401 to pay their final respects.

ISIS Hunting Club Wall of Martyrs Keith Broomfield Marine Corps Apparel USMC Hoodies

Keith Broomfield

Keith Broomfield was born August 3, 1979.  He was a resident of Westminster, Massachusetts.  Keith Broomfield joined the YPG to fight ISIS, in his words as “a part of God’s will.”  Despite no formal military training, Keith adapted very well.  His Kurdish counter-parts said that he was “a good shot and a hard worker.”  This level of respect earned him the nickname Damhad, or in Kurdish “It’s time to do something.” Keith was very convicted to do the right thing and stop the insensible slaughter in the Middle East.  Keith Broomfield was killed in action on June 3rd 2015.

ISIS Hunting Club Wall of Martyrs Robert Grodt Marine Corps Apparel USMC Hoodies

Robert Grodt

Robert Grodt volunteered to fight ISIS in Syria with the YPG.  Yet this was not the first time that Robert was ever in the news.  Robert Grodt gained internet fame during the Occupy Wall Street protests in 2011.  He pulled a lady from the crowd that had been pepper-sprayed in the face.  He quickly administered medical aid.  This girl would turn out to be his future wife, Kaylee Dedrick.  Both of them would again be thrust into the spotlight a year later.  Shortly after they met, they conceived a child at the protest campsite.  The child was known all over the internet affectionately as “OccuBaby.”  Robert Grodt was a passionate person that laid down his life for the safety of others.  Robert Grodt was killed in action at the age of 28.  He leaves behind a wife and 4-year old daughter.

Nicholas Warden Marine Corps Apparel USMC Hoodies

Nicholas Warden

Nicholas Warden was prior soldier in the US Army.  He tried to become a Paratrooper with the 101st Airborne.  Yet, because of an undisclosed medical condition he was turned down.  However, that did not stop Nick Warden.  Shortly after his enlistment was up with the army, he joined the French Foreign Legion.  There he completed 49 successful jumps and was able to live out a part of his dream.  Nicholas Warden served in the French Foreign Legion for five years.  He was stationed in France.  Yet he also deployed to Chad, in Africa, to fight the Boko Haram terror group.  During his time with the French Foreign Legion, Nick met someone and had a child that was born in France.  It was the terror attacks in America and in France that prompted Nicholas Warden to take action and do something.  Nick was wounded in action on July 5th, 2017.  He succumbed to his injuries and died two days later.  Nicholas Warden was 29 years old.

ISIS Hunting Club Wall of Martyrs Jordan MacTaggart Marine Corps Apparel USMC Hoodies

Jordan MacTaggart

Jordan MacTaggart, a 22 year old from Castle Rock, Colorado, was killed in battle against ISIS.  He gave his life on August 3rd, 2016.  Jordan had a very big heart.  After seeing the injustice wrought against innocent people, Jordan MacTaggart felt the pull on his heart.  His father asked him to join the military on several occasions.  Yet, after deliberation he made contact with the YPG/YPJ in Syria.  Jordan was a man of immense courage and bravery.  A year before he was killed he returned home to recover from a combat wound.  Still, he felt the tug on his heart and left.  Despite the risk of his personal safety.

ISIS Hunting Club Wall of Martyrs William Savage Marine Corps Apparel USMC Hoodies

William Savage

William Savage is a native of Maryland.  He lost his life in battle of Manbij.  William was the sixth Western volunteer to perish for Manbij.  Although William Savage gave his life fighting with the YPG, he also fought alongside Peshmerga.  William Savage was heavily injured during a battle alongside Peshmerga. Upon William’s death, his Kurdish counterparts praised him for his humility.  Even his friends back home said that William Savage is the type of person to give the shirt off his back to help another.  He proved it when he gave up his life to help others.  His friends, family, and fellow warrior say that William will be universally missed.

ISIS Hunting Club Wall of Martyrs Luke Rutter Marine Corps Apparel USMC Hoodies

Luke Rutter

Luke Rutter was a British volunteer from Birkenhead, England.  Unlike many, he did not have any prior military experience.  To alleviate his families worries, Luke told them he joined the French Foreign Legion.  Although, this was contrary.  This brave Warrior gave his life alongside Robert Grodt and Nicholas Warden in the battle for Raqqa.  Robert and Nick are two Americans described earlier in this article.  Luke was remembered by his family and friends as a very involved individual.  He participated anyway he could despite his lack of military experience.  His bravery is highly evident in this instance.  He will be missed.

ISIS Hunting Club Wall of Martyrs Levi Shirley Marine Corps Apparel USMC Hoodies

Levi Shirley

Levi Shirley had always had the heart of a Warrior.  As a young man, he tried enlisting in the US Marine Corps.  However, due to bad vision, he was rejected at MEPS.  This did not deter Levi.  He volunteered to fight alongside the YPG.  There, Levi Shirley gained the admiration and respect of his Kurdish counterparts.  After four months of fighting, Levi returned home for a short period.  Levi found it hard to adapt to civilian life again.  He packed his bags and headed back out.  Levi Shirley gave his life in the battle of Manbij.  He was only 24 years old.

ISIS Hunting Club Wall of Martyrs

It is important to keep each and every person in memory.  ISIS Hunting Club Wall of Martyrs is nothing but a small drop in a much larger global bucket.  While many were back in safety of their homes, they left theirs!  While many took to their keyboards to fire shots at the enemy, they took to their rifles!  Wile many die needlessly, they died with purpose!  These Warriors were protecting the free-world from the clutches of a profound death and evil!  Our deepest respect goes to these selfless Warriors and their families.

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“The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing”  – Edmund Burke