Join Or Die Patriotic Survival Business Card


Have the sharpest military tool!

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The Join Or Die Patriotic Survival Business Card was inspired by the “Join or Die” political cartoon that was created by Benjamin Franklin and published in his newspaper, The Pennsylvania Gazette, in 1754.

The cartoon depicts a snake that has been cut into segments, each representing a colony in the American colonies. The message of the cartoon is that the colonies must join together and work as one in order to survive, as a snake that is divided cannot survive. The cartoon is considered to be one of the first political cartoons in American history and is still used today as a symbol of unity and cooperation.

Join Or Die Patriotic Survival Business Card Product Details

  • The NEW multi-function business card size tool that fits in your wallet. Made of .040” powder-coated steel. It has a total of 18 tools including
    3 different screwdrivers, 6 hex wrenches, can opener, bottle opener, ruler, phone stand, box opener, fruit peeler and letter opener.
  • USA Printed by US Veterans
  • Same size as a VISA so it fits in most wallets
  • Original art and military graphics makes it a unique and cool tool for most occasions
  • Art is under license with US military licensing offices

Whether you’re in the Florida Everglades, deep in the forest of the Pacific Northwest, or camping in the rainforests of Brazil or hunting or fishing or in your office or den and in need of that special tool well this is it. The Join Or Die Patriotic Survival Business tool was designed with a unique approach to a military gift not seen or sold anywhere else. For more designs on these USMC Survival Business cards come and check them out!

Devildogshirts.Com has been designing for the United States Marine Corps for over a decade producing award winning custom artwork for military units and commands. Offering bulk and active duty discounts each of the custom designed and hand printed Marine Corps gift items are perfect for most any occasion. Contact us by email at for more information and a custom pride quote for your next USMC design. Join Or Die!

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