USMC General Mad Dog Mattis Zero F$cks Given Poster





I come in peace, I didn’t bring artillery, but I am pleading with you with tears in my eyes. If you f$ck me, I will kill you all! -Gen “Mad-Dog” Mattis.

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USMC General Mad Dog Mattis Zero F$cks Given Poster

General Mad Dog Mattis, the preeminent Devil Dog himself understands that to lead his Marines into battle you can’t stop for a selfie, argue about the political correctness of handing out pain and killing your enemy. You can’t feel sorry for the enemy and you don’t really want to. In other words when it comes to standing opposed against America’s mortal enemies you really feel like words cannot express how much you want to destroy them and so in large you really Zero F$cks to give! Let the hippies care for the enemy that wants to kill us and let the US Marines do their job and protect Freedom and our American Way Of Life.


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Devil Dog Shirts has the Courage to be Honorable and Committed to our fellow Marines.  We strive to perpetuate the Warrior Ethos in our Corps by creating the best gear a gun-slinger can wear!  All of our apparel is made right here in the United States of America!  Semper Fi!


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All of Devil Dog Shirt’s Posters are 100% Made in America!  Look for the Made in America emblem for all 100% Made in america items at Devil Dog Shirts!


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