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One USMC EGA to rule them all and in the darkness….. Well you get the drift and with this USMC Enlisted EGA My Precious Coffee Mug you also can get the best damn icon in the US military. The Eagle, Globe Anchor is without questions one of the most famous of all military icons throughout the ages. The United States Marine Corps and its unwavering dedication to the preservation of America and her way of life stands at the middle of what every Marine accepts into their life and the EGA is the heartbeat that drives every Marine to excel, be the best and always move forward.

This 11 ounce USA printed coffee mug salutes the US Marine Corps with a LOTR statement because every US Marine knows we covet the Eagle, Globe and Anchor and all that it represents. Offered and printed with both USMC enlisted and officer’s versions have your USMC EGA coffee mug printed with the addition of your custom information on the reverse side. More Marine Corps coffee mugs can be found throughout Devil Dog Shirts with additional USA Made designs and products for US Marines, family and friends. Nothing stand between a US Marine and their EGA and this USMC Enlisted EGA My Precious Coffee Mug is one example of that attitude.



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