Captain Marine Corps Rank Challenge Coin


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This Captain Marine Corps Rank Challenge Coin was designed in honor of US Marines both past and present. At 2 inches this Marine Corps challenge coin depicts your USMC ranks chevrons, crossed rifles, the letters USMC and a Kbar. The United States Marine Corps and US Marines deserve the finest in their challenge coins and at Devildogshirts.Com it is our mission to create them. With antique silver and gold metal plating and produced with a 3D look with elevations that bring out the character and details of this original challenge coin this USMC coin will be the centerpiece of your coin collection.

With all USMC rank coins represented this Captain Marine Corps Rank Challenge Coin is one to add to your USMC coin collection to be enjoyed for many years to come.

As a licensee of the United States Marine Corps trademark and licensing offices we proudly support their work and the programs they administer. One program, morale welfare and recreation, receives a percentage from Devildogshirts.Com for each sale produced on our website. These payments help support these programs and the US Marines and their families that can benefit from such programs.

From squads to United States Marine Corps divisions we have been involved in the design and development of Marine Corps challenge coins like the one displayed here. USMC units and commands from all over the world work closely with our team of USMC artists working together to produce some of the most original designs for their challenge coins. Units at home and deployed across the world contact us to have their custom challenge coins created. If you are interested in having a design created for your USMC unit or next fundraising event contact us at for more information.

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