MOS 0331 Machine Gunner Marine Corps Challenge Coin


Machine-Gunners and military enthusiasts will find that the 0331 MOS Coin is a “must add” to their collection.  Machine-Gunners, set your PDF toward this bad-ass coin!  We sell USMC Challenge Coins.

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USMC 0331 Machine-Gunner MOS Coin

The USMC 0331 Machine Gunner MOS Coin was created for all of our Weapons Marines.  Without you hard-charging Warfighters holding down suppressive fire on the battlefield, there would be no “fire-and-maneuver.”  It is because of your weapons expertise that we are able to sling lead downrange at an unprecedented rate.  To our Weapons Marines, we at Devil Dog Shirts thank you for your service.  Semper Fi!


Our Values

Devil Dog Shirts has the Courage to be Honorable and Committed to our fellow Marines.  We strive to perpetuate the Warrior Ethos in our Corps by creating the best gear a gun-slinger can buy!  All of our apparel is Made in America.  Our team at Devil Dog Shirts appreciates the oppurtunity to serve our fellow Marines, families, and supporters.  Thank you and Semper Fi!

Our Gear

  • The Original USMC 0331 Machine Gunner MOS Coin ™
  • Deep 3-D Relief with Antique Silver and Gold Plating
  • 2 Inch Coin, 4mm in Thickness
  • Hand Painted Accents
  • Coins Sold Individually
  • Licensed and Approved by United States Marine Corps Trademark & Licensing


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