Donald Trump CIC Marine Corps Challenge Coin

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President Donald Trump Inaugural Commemorative Coin

President Donald Trump Inaugural Commemorative Coin was created to honor the 45 President of the United States.  A man that faced overwhelming odds and hardships to come out on top.  The Presidential Election of 2016 will surely go down in the history books.  Together we will “Make America Great Again!” Those words became the rallying cry for many patriots that were tired of the direction our country was going.  We did not take to the street and riot when those with socialist agendas ran Washington.  No…   We made our voices heard in the polling booth!



Devil Dog Shirts has the Courage to be Honorable and Committed to our fellow Marines.  We strive to perpetuate the Warrior Ethos in our Corps by creating the best gear a gun-slinger can buy!  All of our apparel is Made in America!



  • President Donald Trump Inaugural Commemorative Coin™
  • Deep 3d relief with antique silver and gold plating
  • 2 inch coin, 4mm thickness
  • Highly detailed relief
  • Coins sold individually
  • Licensed and approved by the United States Marine Corps Trademark& Licensing


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8 reviews for Donald Trump CIC Marine Corps Challenge Coin

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  1. Derek Frost (store manager)

    Hail to the Chief! Lets Make America Great Again!

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  2. Christopher Poarch

    Thank God for Donald Trump!

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  3. Christopher Poarch

    Thank God for President Trump

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    • GreatDane

      As a Marine I believe the whole PC Culture has become so strong under the former President’s regime that it also started affecting our military. Our last President did not care what our military leaders had to say. The current President, who’s rallying call was “Make America Safe Again” Just put 3 of the most bad-ass Marines alive in key positions in his cabinet.

      General Mattis: Secretary of Defense
      General Kelley: Department of Homeland Security (His son gave his life as a Marine in Sangin, AF)
      General Dunford: Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

      There is not going to be another Chattenooga, San Bernardino, or Orlando anymore. If there is, in the words of Mad-Dog Mattis, scholars will be writing a thousand years later of what we do them! Semper Fi!

      Sgt Wyble USMC (Ret)

  4. Clyde

    I agree with Sergeant Wyble Sgt. (Ret) with his remarks to Gunner and GreatDane. Thank God for President Trump. He’s going to make America great again and he believes in our military.

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  5. Dave

    God Bless Donald Trump for saving America from the ashes it was surely headed!

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  6. Jesse A. (verified owner)

    Colors are very sharp.

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  7. Anonymous (verified owner)


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