USMC Spartan 300 Beanie

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Warriors never change, only armor does!  Today Marines carry on the Spartan legacy!  Semper Fi!

USMC Spartan 300 Beanie

Spartans were some of the fiercest warriors of the ancient world.  Today, United States Marines are the fiercest warriors on the planet.  Like the 300 ancient Spartans, Marines have fought, died, and accomplished amazing feats in battle.  Devil Dog Shirts is proud to unveil our cold weather head-gear.  The USMC Spartan 300 Beanie is now available only at Devil Dog Shirts!


Our Values

Devil Dog Shirts has the Courage to be Honorable and Committed to our fellow Marines.  We strive to perpetuate the Warrior Ethos in our Corps by creating the best gear a gunslinger can get!  All of our apparel is made right here in the United States of America!  Semper Fi!


 Our Gear

-100% acrylic fabric


Print Location

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