One Warfighter Exposes the Truth about the Majority of Western Volunteers Fighting ISIS

In this unique article we give voice to Michael.  Michael, or “Mickey,” is a US Citizen and Colorado native that chose to leave the comfort of his home to join the fight against ISIS.  It will be through his eyes that you will experience the Middle East in their struggle against ISIS.  As Western Volunteers poured into the area, the situation turned from sincere to complex.  Along with their willingness to fight, Volunteers took something else with them to Syria, Iraq, and Kurdistan.  They brought their Western drama, filled with lies and deceit of their real importance.  This ultimately shrouded their true intentions about their involvement in the region.  This also set a very bad precedent for future Western Volunteers.  As more and more were be declined from volunteering.

ISIS Hunting Club

The KRG was not officially taking any volunteers to serve in the Peshmerga, shortly after the onset of the conflict.  Contrary to what you have read in media sources, there have been only three volunteers earn the right to be called Peshmerga.  There were individuals who came to Kurdistan and falsely claimed that they had specialized training.  This included the impersonation of Doctors, Lawyers, and even snipers.  There was also many that claimed to have contacts in several government agencies, which turned out to be false.

Peshemerga FRAME

One of the most notable false groups is the Peshmerga FRAME (Foreigner Recruitment, Assessment, Management, & Extraction).  The title itself clearly indicates it’s falseness.  US Code clearly states that a US citizen is not allowed to be “recruited” into a foreign military.  Yet they are in fact allowed to “volunteer.” This US Code was established during 1896 during the Spanish-American War.  The leader of the organization is Chris Toney.  He served in the US Navy as a sailor for roughly 8 months.  This man falsely claimed to be affiliated with the DIA (Defense Intelligence Agency).  However, the truth was that he was collecting information on all applicants wishing to go fight.  The information was then presented to the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigations).  The FBI was then able to keep tabs on all individuals volunteering to fight.

Western Volunteers with Peshmerga

Some braved the field of battle only to take videos for news interested agencies and sell them.  These volunteers braved the field of battle.  Yet some did not even do that.  Many western volunteers were too important to lose their loves in combat.  Their purpose was as propaganda ministers to a western world that momentarily had their attentions diverted to global affairs in the Middle East.  Volunteers such as Alan Duncan, Heloisa Pantojo, and most notably Jordan Matson filled these roles very nicely.  At the time, there was tactical importance in perpetuating the myth of their involvement.  This helped the Kurdish to sell them as figureheads to the West.  This showed to the other countries of the West that ISIS was not a Kurdish, Syrian, or Iraqi problem.  The Daesh were a global problem.  Having Western voices take to social media from the front also aided in getting the Kurdish more funds and volunteers. 

Colonel Tariq and a Western Volunteer