ISIS Hunting Club Makes Substantial Donations and Temporarily Suspends Operations

It is no secret that ISIS Hunting Club has been a beacon for aiding Western Volunteers to the right sources of information to volunteer in the fight against ISIS.  We have been aiding in every possible way since last 2014.  This includes volunteer information, open-source intelligence gathering, 1st person insight, medical donations, financial donations, volunteer vetting, and media resources.

Now unfortunately ISIS Hunting Club is temporarily suspending operations.  This is because of the regional instability between Kurdistan and Iraq.  It is our goal at ISIS Hunting Club to aid in fighting the Islamic State.  However, due to diplomatic actions it is becoming increasing hard.  It is not our goal to get caught up in any of policy changes sweeping the region, as we have only one mission.

We at ISIS Hunting Club do not speak for the rest of the world.  As ISIS Hunting Club was created to be an “idea” and not an actual organization.  This allowed the idea of ISIS Hunting Club to spread throughout the globe.  It did just that, as there are chapters throughout the world.  The main chapter in the United States is suspending operations because we do not want to undermine any of the diplomatic actions taken by the United States government.

It is our hope that when the Middle East region stabilizes we will be able to start raising funds again to aid in the Humanitarian Effort.  In our firm opinion, it is the Humanitarian Effort that will do the most to curb the spread of Islamic extremism.  As conflict rages in several countries in the Middle East, it forces many out of their homes.  Many of the young men that join terror groups do so because they are left with no other option.  When the choice is given to join or let your family starve, the choice is not hard for many.

ISIS Hunting Club Donations

ISIS Hunting Club Merchandise

All IHC Merchandise has been marked down from their original donation price.  When operations resume they will be set back to the original donation prices.  To all those that purchased our IHC Coins and Patches we thank you for your support.

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ISIS Hunting Club Makes Substantial Donations and Temporarily Suspends Operations

ISIS Hunting Club Admin 

The admin of ISIS Hunting Club greatly appreciates the global response to the humanitarian crisis wrought by ISIS.  Each one of you aided, however small, in the fight against ISIS.  From our team here, we extend our deepest gratitude.  Even more so to the brave Western Volunteers that never made it back.  There is absolutely no level of thanks we can convey deep enough for the sacrifices of the brave men and women that left their homes to fight.

– IHC Admin


ISIS Hunting Club Wall of Martyrs

Dedicated to the Martyrs

This article is a work in progress.  As more and more Western Volunteers give their lives in Syria, Iraq, and Kurdistan.  This is dedicated to those that gave the ultimate sacrifice.  It is because of their courage and bravery that we live in freedom today.  From the IHC Admin and the Team at Devil Dog Shirts, we convey our deepest thanks and appreciation for the sacrifices made.